Mothers Day

let me be real with y'all: my mother is probably the most impossible person to shop for. she's not like a typical mom that enjoys getting her nails done & going to the spa. my mom would rather get her hands dirty & go on an adventure. she enjoys things that are handmade, unique, & fun. she also equally enjoys staying in, sitting on the couch, & scrolling through Facebook (please tell me i'm not the only one with a Facebook addicted mom..). it's really hard to explain, but basically anything a typical mom would like, my mom doesn't. she likes the most random shit of all. needless to say, most mothers day gift guides never apply to her. SO i've created my own. i'm not sure how many other moms out there are like mine, but if she is, hopefully this gift guide will help inspire you.

01.  Norpro Marble Butter Dish
02.  Pine Wood Butterfly House
03.  Custom Beach Sand Necklace
04.  Essential Oil Diffuser
05.  Healing Stone Mugs
06.  Face & Body Mist Set
07.  Bedside Essentials Pocket
08.  Teva Original Universal Jhene Aiko II Sandal


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