Last weekend we had a Christmas/house warming party in our new home. It was filled with good food, even better people, singing, drinks, sleepovers, corn hole, & 1 broken toilet. & I didn't take a single photo.

As a photographer, it bums me out to not have tangible memories of our wonderful first get together in our new place. But I started thinking about how freeing it was to not be snapping photos & just letting my phone sit there being our xmas music DJ the whole night. I'm sure my boyfriend will be thrilled to read this & the fact that I was satisfied not having my phone in my hand....

I'm sure he will be more satisfied to hear that I plan on ditching my phone for most of the holidays too. Sure, i'll whip that thing out at the first sighting of mountains when we get to Chattanooga next week. But as far as time spent with family, I plan on being present.


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Christmas at 3629

Yes, this year we are totally those people that went Christmas crazy pre-maturely. I'm blaming it on the excitement of a new home...

Still in disbelief that this little place is ours! It is in the perfect location for us, our best friends live above us on the second floor, & we have the best landlord & neighbors. Now that i've officially started "adulating", I want to get into blogging more. Yes, i've said this a thousand times (cue eye roll), but for real y'all. I would love to do a little home tour when I feel like we've got almost everything squared away here. We've worked hardest on the living room I think (thank you Z for hanging literally everything while we sat on the couch..). It's just about done aside from some things like hanging our gallery wall, recovering the couch, etc.. I guess this post is sort of a living room tour in itself, plus a little splash of Christmas!!! 




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