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here i am once again being afraid to write a blogpost about how i do things as a photographer. i guess i feel afraid because i feel like i do things differently than other photographers. oh well, here we go with photography 101 round 2 y'all.

so last time (which was forever ago.. whoops) i wrote about my photography process i gave y'all the DL on my equipment. this time i'm going to talk a little more about my equipment, but more-so about the tools i use for editing. i use 3 programs for editing: Photoshop, Lightroom, & Bridge.

i have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership since i'm not only a photographer, but also a graphic designer. it costs me like $50 a month I think. that's hella expensive, i know, but when you are devoted to something like photography & graphic design, you pay it. this is why i urge people sooooo strongly to NOT get the same camera as me when they are just beginning to take an interest in photography. my camera body cost me $2,000 & my lens cost me $1,300. if you decide later down the road that photography isn't your thing like you thought, you just wasted almost 4 grand. like why.


so i typically don't launch my photos into actual Photoshop too often. when i do it's because i want to use the clone stamp &/or patch tool, the dodge & burn tools, or i reallyyyy want to manipulate an image (which tbh i do like maybe 1% of the time). i know LR has all those tools, but i just find them easier to use in PS. if i don't need to do any major editing, i just use ACR or Adobe Camera Raw.


ACR is the extension Photoshop uses to edit raw images. i'll make a blogpost soon about my settings when i shoot, but for right now i'll say that i never everrrr shoot an image in anything other than raw. whenever i open a raw image in ACR, it's because i want to use a specific filter.

why i use 800 different programs to edit:
back when i started getting into portraits, i did a mentor session with a photographer from Chicago. she taught me the Bridge + PS workflow, so i have continued to use this workflow for many years because it's what i know. i began purchasing VSCO Presets, & because i worked in ACR, i bought the ACR compatible presets. within the past 2.5 years i've started using Lightroom more. i don't know if it's just me, but i find that the controls in LR are a little more sensitive & sometimes it makes it hard for me to edit. but anyways, i use PS when i want to use my VSCO Presets, & i use LR when i want to use other presets that i bought later on.

so i typically edit things like fashion & senior portraits in ACR. i tend to like the presets i have for ACR more with those type of photos. i use LR more for wedding & lifestyle photography.

fun fact
if you aren't a photographer/interested in photography but are just scrollin' on through this post, you'll probably recognize VSCO from the iPhone editing app VSCO Cam. yes, they are the same people! VSCO started out making presets for raw photos & eventually came out with an iPhone app. VSCO Presets are made to emulate different types of film.

when i edit in ACR, i view/organize/cull my images in Bridge:


Bridge is basically like Finder on a Mac, except it has a lot more tools for optimal organization of photos. i use it almost always over Finder because my computer is slow af & when i try to look at photos in Finder they won't load 🙃

i plan on doing a video later of my editing process, but for now i'll just say that when i finish a shoot i come home & load the images into a folder on my external hard drive. when i'm ready to edit i cull through my photos & pick out the best ones, then put them in their own folder. i do this all in Bridge. when i'm ready to edit i just double click a photo in Bridge & it will open it right into PS.


so like i said before, if i'm editing in LR i'm probably editing a wedding, some lifestyle photos, or i'm using this black & white preset that i loooove but is only made for LR.

i've had a lot of photographer friends in the past ask me why i don't solely use LR. honestly, it's because the only difference that i can really tell between the two is that LR is basically just PS & Bridge combined into one program. if anyone has a smarter reason as to what differentiates the two please leave a comment because idk.

for the photos i edit in LR, i love using the LXC Presets. the tones are really muted & look great on lifestyle photos & wedding photos to set the mood. 


Porsche 2TB external hard drive (i have 2 of these)

this was a jumbled mess of a blogpost but i hope it was helpful to someone out there! please comment with any questions you have & i would be happy to answer them.




Mothers Day

let me be real with y'all: my mother is probably the most impossible person to shop for. she's not like a typical mom that enjoys getting her nails done & going to the spa. my mom would rather get her hands dirty & go on an adventure. she enjoys things that are handmade, unique, & fun. she also equally enjoys staying in, sitting on the couch, & scrolling through Facebook (please tell me i'm not the only one with a Facebook addicted mom..). it's really hard to explain, but basically anything a typical mom would like, my mom doesn't. she likes the most random shit of all. needless to say, most mothers day gift guides never apply to her. SO i've created my own. i'm not sure how many other moms out there are like mine, but if she is, hopefully this gift guide will help inspire you.

01.  Norpro Marble Butter Dish
02.  Pine Wood Butterfly House
03.  Custom Beach Sand Necklace
04.  Essential Oil Diffuser
05.  Healing Stone Mugs
06.  Face & Body Mist Set
07.  Bedside Essentials Pocket
08.  Teva Original Universal Jhene Aiko II Sandal



photography - my gear

so the plan is to roll out some blogposts that will give some insight to the beginner photographer on taking better photos. D I S C L A I M E R : i am not necessarily sharing with you the "right" way to do this. i am simply sharing what has worked best for me & how i do things. i think i definitely have a lot to learn still! i am going to try the best i can to explain things in terms that everyone can understand, but feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions!

so a little background on me & photography:
i got my first camera when i was 13. it was some kind of Sony point & shoot i think. i'm not sure what ever happened to it, but i had a few more point & shoot cameras before i decided i really liked photography & wanted to upgrade to a dslr. my first dslr was a Canon Rebel T3i. i still have it! it is a fantastic starter camera & i can't recommend it enough. one day when i was a freshman in college, someone asked me to do their headshots. i had only ever done "fine art" stuff before that, so i was a little hesitant. but after i did them, several people started asking me for photos. i eventually made a Facebook business page, and my business took off from there! it took my 7 years to get where i am today. it took long nights of research, practice shoots, and trial and error before i learned what i know now. let me address this before anything: buying the same equipment as me does not mean you will produce great images. the equipment is just a tool that aids in great images. this is something i don't think is stressed enough and leaves beginners very frustrated! so let's talk about this equipment:

my gear:

Canon 35L f/1.4 lens (on my camera body 99.9% of the time)

• Minolta film camera with 50mm f/1.4 lens

*I shoot with my MKIII & my 35L for all photoshoots.*

my suggestion for beginners:

Canon Rebel (any model)

let me let y'all in on a little secret: don't even bother buying the Canon Rebel DSLR kit package (the one that comes with the camera body & the lens). The lens that comes with that package (the kit lens, 18-55mm) is practically worthless. If you are wanting to get that "blurry background", you are going to need a lens that has a wide f-stop. the 50mm f/1.8 (also referred to as the "nifty fifty") is awesome. it's a reasonable price & will get your photos looking a lot more professional!

i have a lot more blogposts planned on photography tutorials. keep in mind though, i'm no teacher! i'll try the best i can to explain things easily. i hope this post was somewhat helpful!




our home - living room

banner by my friend Kylie! Foil Mississippi here.

I get a lot of questions about our home. The most common is "where did you get all your stuff?". A lot of people were curious as to how we filled up our home with furniture so fast, especially since this is my first time living away from my parents. Here's how:

1. My parents have tons. of. stuff. Especially my dad. My dad likes to collect art & vinyl, which is where I got all of my albums from & almost all the art we have came from him. 

2. Most of the big pieces of furniture we have came from a combination of Zander, Facebook yard sale pages, & thrift stores. Z has renovated a lot of the stuff we have to give it a modern feel & also made us various things like the blanket ladder & the couch shelf!

3. My Senior year of college I started buying things for my future home. Kind of like a hope chest, only I didn't have a chest so I just shoved it all in my parents spare bedroom..... I by tonssss of our home stuff from Target because duh.

If y'all have anymore home decor questions drop them in the comment section below!





Spent last Saturday wandering around Birmingham with Rach. We had things we wanted to do & see, but no set plans. It was so fun just doing whatever we wanted & not having a schedule. Eventually we found ourselves in a stunning greenhouse filled with all kinds of cacti. What. A. Dream.


January Wrap Up

(from top left to bottom right)

• Got this sweeeeet mirror at Target on clearance for $5.

• An ice storm is the closest we've gotten to snow all winter.

• Plant hospital (sos how can I keep my succulents alive?!)

• The chair of my dreams. 

• Goodbye, Obama.

• Work trip to Mobile, AL included splashing around with my love.

• Finally shot with Nat for the first time in fo-eva.

• Made history at the Womens March.

• Little babe car.

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Woman's March Jackson

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