our home - living room

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I get a lot of questions about our home. The most common is "where did you get all your stuff?". A lot of people were curious as to how we filled up our home with furniture so fast, especially since this is my first time living away from my parents. Here's how:

1. My parents have tons. of. stuff. Especially my dad. My dad likes to collect art & vinyl, which is where I got all of my albums from & almost all the art we have came from him. 

2. Most of the big pieces of furniture we have came from a combination of Zander, Facebook yard sale pages, & thrift stores. Z has renovated a lot of the stuff we have to give it a modern feel & also made us various things like the blanket ladder & the couch shelf!

3. My Senior year of college I started buying things for my future home. Kind of like a hope chest, only I didn't have a chest so I just shoved it all in my parents spare bedroom..... I by tonssss of our home stuff from Target because duh.

If y'all have anymore home decor questions drop them in the comment section below!


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