hey whats up hello

hi. i'm sara. if you're looking at this blog chances are you already know who i am and what i do. if you don't:

  • i'm a Senior portrait photographer.
  • i'm from the heart of Mississippi.
  • i love dogs.
  • i love all animals really.
  • i'm a graphic design major at Mississippi College.

i created this blog basically to be able to have a place to junk up with all the random photos i take and the experiments i make with my camera. i wanted to keep it separate from my business website so it will be clear (on there) what i shoot. but for Freckles & Film, 
anything goes.

there's no theme here. no schedule. no specific audience. no specific purpose, other than to give me a place to house my creative projects.

questions? saragatlinphotography [at] gmail [dot] com.

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